2012 Preview: Challenging, Rewarding, Memorable (Part 3)

2012 Preview: Challenging, Rewarding, Memorable (Part 3)


Two weeks later and I'm still writing this post; I do think it's the last part of this post. (Here's Part 1 and Part 2 in case you missed them...) I already shared how I managed to fix an ongoing household problem, welcomed a new family member to the world, and crossed the hardest thing off of my bucket list and I'm ready to wrap up that eventful first weekend of January with the second thing I crossed off my bucket list: Be on the Jumbotron screen. ------

After an eventful weekend, I was looking forward to a lazy Sunday of sleeping, reading and good eats. I was catching up with a friend I was going to visit in Arizona when I got a surprise text from a friend who works for the Portland Trailblazers: "Want two tickets to the game tonight?" Um, heck yes I did. So I called up my friend with good news and bad news. The bad news was that we couldn't go see a movie like we had planned, but the good news was that we were going to go to a basketball game. And not just any basketball game, her FIRST Blazer game!


And off we went. And what a blast! Our seats were great (about 18 rows behind the bench!) and we won! (Thank you Tim!!)

The view from our seats. No zoom.

And to sweeten the deal, we were seated a few rows behind a group of girls with a "We <3 the Blazers!" who caught the attention of the camera men not once, not twice, but four times! Was I on the Jumbotron? You bet I was! (Or at least I was in the background...)

  1. I caught a glimpse of myself as I was stuffing my face with food. Fat kid indeed.
  2. I couldn't get my phone out quickly enough. So I sat there the rest of the game with my phone in my hand, ready to click. (Thank you iPhone 4S for the double-click camera option!)
  3. Bingo! There I am! Look in the top left corner for the fuchsia phone cover.

  4. And again! See me in the tan jacket and the phone cover. (Thank goodness for bright phone covers.)

    See me in the

So does it count as crossing another item off my list? Mayhaps. It (plus the Blazers winning and it being JSo's first one) became the highlight of my night! I'll still try getting on the Jumbotron as the main subject ;-)

So there you have it. My low-key relaxed weekend turned into a whirlwind of events and adventures and lessons. Enjoy today because your tomorrow isn't guaranteed: you'll find the opportunity for a someday any day...why not start today?

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