Simple, Seamless, and Secure?

There's a video that's being shared all over the web over the past few days highlighting a product that makes me think that the future is here. That's this video for Coin (<--yes, that is my referral link. If you end up ordering one, I'll get $5 off.)  Coin basically consolidates all of your credit cards, debit cards, frequency cards (with a magnetic strip), gift cards (with a magnetic strip), into one, simple high-tech card. For people like me who like the idea of simplifying but never seem to be able to actually put it into practice, Coin is genius. But is it secure?

The video is cool, the product is one that I definitely could see myself using, but I was left with questions about its security. While Coin answers a lot of questions on their site, I'm still a little skeptical. I love the idea but I also love the security I get with the fraud protection on my credit cards--it's unclear whether using Coin will still keep that protection in place against fraudulent charges. But, I still got one. Why? For all my gift cards! I have a stack of gift cards just sitting in a box at home that I always seem to forget to use or I forget that I have. If I can carry all of my cards with me, then it's well worth trying out a Coin. And by the time they ship next summer, maybe I'll get a clear answer on my security questions.

Before you think that this post is just touting this cool invention, the invention of Coin got me thinking about other "inconveniences" we face on a daily basis that we just deal with. It seems like with a little bit of creative thinking, and a lot bit of technical knowledge, there are lots of inventions that are just waiting for the right mind to create it. Coin is taking mobile payments to a whole new level. What's next?  Better yet...why didn't I think of this myself? (This is why I need to limit how much time I spend on Kickstarter. I'd want it all.)

Celebrating the 'Selfie'

Celebrating the 'Selfie'

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