Celebrating the 'Selfie'

Celebrating the 'Selfie'


Oxford Dictionaries announced their Word of the Year 2013: selfie noun, informal (also selfy; plural selfies): a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website Go ahead and shake your head. Chuckle. Laugh out loud. And ask yourself, "Seriously?"

Yes. Seriously. (By the way, it beat out 'binge-watch', 'schmeat' and 'twerk'.)

But are we really surprised? I don't think there's anyone out there who can claim that they haven't taken a selfie. And with the rise of the smartphone, it would be really, really, really, hard not to. I'm guilty of taking them. Lots of them. Especially on my digital camera or even on my film camera. (Do people actually expect you to carry around tripods? I was infamous for turning my camera around, reaching my arm out as far as I could in front of me and snapping a selfie, or self portrait as I used to call them.) Look at social networks and you'll see social streams and feeds that are full of pictures, including a selfie or two. So, to celebrate selfie being the Word of the Year, I decided to pick out some of my the selfies from over the years.

This is the oldest selfie I could find. My friend, Sara, and I at our high school graduation.

Selfies are a great way to distract a crying baby. Even though she didn't look at the camera, it worked.

My last semester in college, this was usually the first of many pictures we took that night.

Selfies are great ways to capture an experience, like a Portland Trailblazer game!

When you get a second with the bride, you snap a picture, even if it means taking it yourself!

What do you do when you're on a trip? Selfie it up! (Even if it's just a trip to the coast.)

Or if you need to prove that you did something in Whistler besides sit in the hot tub all day. (Proof that I made it to the mountain. I didn't make it up the mountain but that's another story.)

Selfies include photos of any part of your body. This was my take on the 'toes on the beach' selfie...except hiking boots on a trail.

If you're a gal and your get a Pinterest worthy manicure, you know that's a selfie moment.

Can't forget about the food selfies, like this one of me and my first (of many) Pisco Sours in Peru.

Solo travel = mucho selfies. Yes, you have the memories, but what are you going to look back on when you're old and grey and your memory starts to fade?

Selfies aren't limited to land.

Selfies are sometimes the only option to capture the moment--like this one I had the walkoff winning hit in a playoff game for softball.

And yes...the infamous mirror picture. It was New Years in Vegas, can you blame us?

And sometimes, you get sent a selfie that you forgot you took because it was on your friend's phone. You can't remember where it's from or what you were doing, but you look at it and you just know that you were happy in that moment. <3

Are there selfies that aren't meant to public? (Like the ones of me taking pictures of my teeth to check if there's anything stuck in them--there usually is.) Of course there are, and those will stay private, but as long as I can look back at photos and laugh or relive memories, then the photo has served its purpose, selfie or not.

Future Travel Dreams, Pinned.

Future Travel Dreams, Pinned.

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