Future Travel Dreams, Pinned.

Future Travel Dreams, Pinned.


I can spend hours on Pinterest pinning creative DIY projects to do one day, trendy styles to try for a night out, delicious kitchen experiments to concoct, and my favorite, worldwide adventures to experience someday. I've had many nights where I've opened up the Pinterest app on my phone and told myself that I'd go to bed after 5 more pins...and two hours later, I'm 5 clicks into a newly found blog that I love. I haven't spent much time on Pinterest recently and just when I thought I had kicked my pinddiction habit, Pinterest introduces Place Pins, for the explorer in all of us. (Tell me no more, I'm already sold.) Now the travel boards that we've all been wanderlusting after are closer to becoming a reality. Place Pins allow you to attach a location to pins, so your pins can be represented on a map. Is going to La Tomatina on your Bucket List board? You can add a map to your Bucket List board and add locations to each of your pins. (And yes, it is on mine.) The best board to pin is going to be any travel or experience board you have. (I have a few...with the intention of creating more--maybe Place Pins are the motivation I needed!)

So, how do you use the new feature? It's fairly simple. I'll show you how I did it.

Find the board you want to edit. In my case it's, "Been there, Done that, Love it, Do over?" Hover over it and click on "Edit". The fourth option asks, "Add a map?" Toggle the button so "Yes" is highlighted in red. Click "Save Changes".

Edit your board.

Add a map.

You'll return to your page with all of your boards. Click on your board again to open it up. Your next screen will look a little like this.

Ta da!

Click on a pin that you want to map. I picked a pin of a night time gondola ride in Venice. Click the "+" button next to "Map this Pin".

Map your pin.

Type in the name of the location of the pin. In this case, it's "Venice, Italy". Venezia comes up--which is the Italian name for Venice--so I hover over it and click on the "Map it" option.

Find the location.

All done! It'll show you that Venezia has been pinned on your map and you'll return to the rest of your board.

Ta da!

It's that easy. I can definitely see myself using this feature a lot in the future, especially when planning trips or to share itineraries with friends. Let the pinning commence!


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