Friendsgiving in Florida

I was seeing a lot of friends posting pictures of their Thanksgiving preparations that I thought I'd post one of my own:


My Thanksgiving (though Canadian Thanksgiving was in October) is a reunion of sorts---one of my friends from college is getting married this Saturday in Orlando, Florida and that's where I'll be spending my holiday weekend. So while most people will be gathering around the table with their family, I'll be on a long, long plane ride across the country, getting ready for a reunion of my own. My extended weekend will consist of getting dolled up, celebrating my friend marrying the love of his life, and rocking out on the dance floor. Throw in some sunshine, roller coasters and a huge slumber party and you've just pictured my upcoming weekend. I'm thankful for the friends who have become my family, the family who have become my friends, the support we provide each other in bad times and worse times, the moments we get to celebrate and the adventures that lie ahead. What are you giving thanks for?

Thanksgiving Thanks

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