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Gratefully Grounded

7 months ago, I took a special assignment that took me out of the sky and grounded me for a while. I traded in my wings for a clicker and took a special assignment (a temporary assignment) with the Corporate Learning team at work as an Inflight Instructor. 

Why would I stop living the glamorous, flexible, freeing lifestyle of a flight attendant to work in a normal, routine, job? For lots of little reasons and one big one: routine.

I have an on and off relationship with yoga. When we're together and see each other often, it gets hot and heavy on my mat, I feel more at ease, I sleep better, I'm happier. When we're apart, I miss it and reminisce about our time together, but also feel overwhelmed at the idea of hanging out again. But there's always a reason that I stopped. Sometimes it's schedule. Sometimes it's laziness. More often than not, it's price. Yoga is expensive. Especially in the Bay area. You know what else is expensive? Spending time being unhappy, unhealthy, and overwhelmed.