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Legacy of Love

Happy New Year! 2017 has come and gone in a flash--though I feel like I say that about every year. Personally, I'm glad the new year is here. Not because 2017 was terrible--it challenged me in so many different ways and there were many highs and lows to the year, but because with this new year comes new change and new challenges and new opportunities. The end of the year was bittersweet for a few different reasons but the main reason being family.

My last living grandparent, my baa (dad's mom), passed away. I miss her immensely (as I'm typing this, I'm feeling this burning in my nose and water in my eyes) but am at peace with her passing. 

My Friend's Parents

As a kid, I would go to India with my parents and we'd be dragged to random people's houses for chai and a quick visit. Sometimes it would be family members, but from time to time, my parents would go visit the parents of their friends. I never really understood why--they weren't necessarily close with their friends' parents, why go visit them? I'm finally understanding why.

Thankful for New Beginnings

Tonight I celebrated Friendsgiving with some friends who I've known for almost 15 years. It also marked a huge change for one couple as they were moving to New Mexico after one of them had spent his entire life in Illinois. As someone who's done the pick-up-and-leave-everything-you've-ever-known-behind move, I'm excited for them but can also relate to the boatload of emotions that come with the move. 

Support and Inspiration from the Sixth Grade

It has been just over a week since I left Lesvos to return back to the USA and I just got home on Monday. I took the longest route home, partially because it was cheapest and partially because I made a detour to see some friends on the east coast. Since getting back to Portland, it's been a whirlwind few days as I tried to get my bearings, as I pack for a move to the Bay on Saturday and as I try to say hi (and bye) to as many people as I can. One of the highest items on my to do list during my 5 days in Portland was to stop by my friend, Ms. Maynard's, sixth grade class.

Fighting Fear: EuroAfricAsia 2015

When I see a cheap flight, especially a glitch or error fare, I turn into an animal and pounce like it's my dinner and I haven't eaten in ages. Book now, figure it out later. Thanks to a rule by the Department of Transportation, you have 24 hours to cancel a flight with a full refund—so really, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain when an error fare comes up. That's how I found myself with a flight out from Portland, Oregon to London, England returning from Istanbul, Turkey back to Portland, from mid-November to mid-December for under $500 USD. That was less than a flight home for the holidays. (In the words of my friend, Kenna, #bookthatish!)